Mentoring Professionals and core competencies for the Development Sector..

‘ Choose a career that makes a difference in your life and the world that you live in ’




Leadership for Global Citizenship

Globalization  affects  people  from  all  walks  of  life  and  success  in  any field now demands a global perspective.Universities are now increasingly faced with this challenge as they see students from diverse backgrounds and cultures coming together for academic pursuits.

Enlightened Leadership

This workshop  will facilitate the audience to be primed on the   key concepts as cited  below covered through a process of interaction and real time case studies.
1. Understanding Leadership and Authority
2. Adaptive vs. Technical Challenges
3. Working with yourself:  Understanding Self, Other and Action. 

Change Management Workshop

V-LEAD  conducts  Change Management workshops for Government, NGO and employees of Corporates.  The objectives of this workshop are:

  • Review the basics of change management and how change affects us all
  • Understand that change is a continuous process
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