Course Content

The MDM Course Structure consists of 4 semesters. The students have compulsory fieldwork in each semester and a research project in the last semester.
Apprenticeship is compulsory in the second and third semester. Each paper has 100 marks with 50% marks reserved for internal assessment and 50% for a written examination.


FIRST SEMESTER  100 Marks for each paper
1.1 Introduction to Development Sector
1.2 Sociology of Development
1.3 Indian Economy
1.4 Self Empowerment and Development
1.5 Project Management

SECOND SEMESTER  100 Marks for each paper
2.1 Water Resource Management
2.2 Accounting and Auditing
2.3 Law and the Development Sector
2.4 Research Methods
2.5 Apprenticeship

THIRD SEMESTER  100 Marks for each paper
3.1 Marketing and Relationship Mgmt.
3.2 Sustainable Technologies and Development
3.3 Human Resource Management
3.4 Community Based Education Management
3.5 Apprenticeship

FOURTH SEMESTER  100 Marks for each paper
4.1 Financial Management in Development
4.2 Indian Constitutional Framework for Development
4.3 Elective I Community Based Education Management or Micro Finance and Micro Enterprises
4.4 Elective II Development of Indigenous Communities or Rehabilitation and Resettlement or Gender and Development
4.5 Project Work


Note: Each paper contains 50 marks for the semester end examination and 50 marks for the continuous assessement.
The total is 500 marks for one semester and 2,000 marks for the whole course.